Does the Gay Community Trust Your Business?


Studies show gay customers are worried your service business may discriminate before they even choose to work with you.

But once they trust your company, the community becomes a valuable source of life-long customers who refer all their friends.

So how do they know which companies to trust? It’s simple: They trust companies that reach out directly to them.

New Customers, Lifetime Loyalty & Lots of Referrals


The gay community is responsive to companies that target them — in fact five times more responsive than other customers. 

They know a company marketing directly to them won’t discriminate. 

The lifetime value of a new customer from the gay community is higher than any other source, all because of trust and the loyalty and referrals that follow.

Reach High-Value New Customers Effectively and Inexpensively

The gay community in your city is large and growing. It’s full of high-earning customers who are looking for your services right now.

They find services like yours through the Gay Yellow Pages, the leading gay-friendly business directory. 

And the top 10 most-searched categories are all services, including yours.

Gay consumers find the directory through first-page Google search results, Google Adwords campaigns, word-of-mouth referrals, and repeat visits.

And because of the responsiveness, we’re told by our advertisers they make back over 20 times their investment – double the direct-marketing average!  

Enjoy new, high-value customers every month by listing your company on nationally-recognized Gay Yellow Pages.

Just Ask Our Advertisers….

“We’ve been on for 2 years so far and are very satisfied with the exposure we get to the local community.”


“Probably the biggest bang for my buck in my marketing budget. Very happy!!”


List Your Business on The Gay Yellow Pages

Standard Listing - Annual

  • Full Description of Company / Services
  • Phone and Email
  • Website Link
  • Social Media Links

Premium Listing - Annual

  • A Standard Listing PLUS the following:
  • First Page, Top of Category Placement
  • 'CALL NOW' Button In Category Results
  • 'CALL NOW' Button in the Listing
  • Map Link in Category Results and the Listing

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