Plumbing Solutions


Plumbing Solutions Provides Service & Craftsmanship

We at Plumbing Solutions, Inc (formerly TJ Sullivan, Inc) long ago decided to concentrate on the “service, repair and remodeling” business. This niche requires some special adaptations in order to remain successful. Number one is the realization that we are dealing with people, not just pipes and fixtures, and that means satisfying each individual client’s idea of service. We must be punctual, clean, and readily available in addition to knowledgeable and competent, and we constantly strive to keep improving in all those categories.

As members of the Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractors Association, (PHCC), we’re part of the largest membership association in our field. Their networking opportunities and educational resources mean we’re always up to date on the latest plumbing techniques.

Our membership in the Radiant Panel Association (RPA) keeps us abreast of the best ways to provide you with the most comfortable way to heat your home.