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Pregnancy & Infant Photo Studio By Katie

Los Angeles

Congratulations on your baby. You are about to embark on the most amazing life experience there is, Motherhood.

With maternity portraits, you will cherish how beautiful and breathtaking your body was during your pregnancy. These are the first “Mommy and Me” photos you will show your child in a few short years.

With newborn photos, you can have heirlooms of this miraculous stage in your baby’s life that will last for generations.

Mom, you think you will remember, and you will, to some extent. But even a mother’s memory forgets the teeny details of baby rolls, eyelashes, hair swirls and more. Memories of those little feet and toes, the smirks and stretches, get replaced with the next cute stage of your Little.

Let’s create beautiful portraits of your pregnancy and newborn’s first days together,


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Newborn Baby Photoshoot

Collage of a newborn girl  photoshoot in Los Angeles

Katie’s Newborn Portrait Style

My style, in general, is “less is more”. With rare exception, my  newborn pictures focus on the baby and less on the “theme” or background. While I am capable of creating elaborate images if that is what you want, my go to style is simpler. I prefer a touch of color and a feature in each image to create that timeless look and feel.

Close ups shots are some of my favorites and you will see these in every session I do.

For me, the star of the show is the baby. Their little personalities are already showing. I like to try and capture those subtle shots.

I do not do themed shoots for newborns. To me, it takes way from the inherent beauty if your baby and it is not something  I enjoy. I like to “let them be pure” in these first images.

Instead, my favorite thing to pose your baby in ways that show off those fleeting features that leave all too soon.

When you hire me, you are in fact commissioning an artist to create portraits of your newborn in my style.

Newborn boy in knitted pants and matching bonnet. Taupe and cream colors.

Pregnancy Studio Photoshoot

Collage of a maternity photo session in Los Angeles Studio,

The birth of your baby is the single most important event of your life. We are prepared to capture the essence of your new child. Katie’s years of experience and her studio filled with props and clothes will ensure your baby’s story gets told.

We offer studio sessions. Each client receives a consultation to plan your session. You can take a studio tour and look at dozens of new born photos. Decide what colors, clothes, poses you want. Check out all of our adorable newborn props; from boho beds, to dough bowls, buckets, nests and more.

Pregnancy portrait studio photos are unique by nature because not everyone even gets the chance to have a child. For those that do, your body is changing in supremely beautiful ways.

We want to  memorialize this miraculous time in your life. Maternity and pregnancy  portraits can be of just you, or of you and siblings and partner. You decide.

About Katie Katsenis

Katie is a photographer who specializes in photography of infants and maternity, newborn, baby photos and mommy and me portraits in the Los Angeles Glendale area. My name is Katie Katsenis, and I am the owner.  2024 marks my 9th year in business. I am a certified professional photographer. 

I am honored in my role  helping you relive your fondest memories with mother and baby portraits. My photography studio utilizes state-of-the-art photographic equipment and technology to create high-quality images for you and your family.  From pregnancy portraits, to newborn and infant photography to cake smashes, I do it all.

My mission is to provide excellent  newborn photography photoshoots and session experiences that yields stunning heirloom artwork in my signature style for your home and office.

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