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We are Market… and we are a leader in the sales and leasing of commercial property in Boulder Valley and beyond. We live and breathe this market because we know that there’s no better place to build a business. As the team behind the local marketplace, we want you to get in on this. And we make it happen by following the first lesson we learned in kindergarten: share.

Efficient. Obsessively local. Sharp as a tack and cool under pressure. Our people, skills and decades of experience represent the market in its finest form. We’ll help you navigate the local real estate scene and make it what it’s meant to be: yours.

Ryan Beckenhauer

Tel: 303-444-1918

Here at Market, we’re like a machine. A high-powered, high-efficiency engine of experience, service and getting. it. done. No wonder we’re such big fans of former Motorcycle Tech (and current Market broker) Ryan Beckenhauer, a guy who knows

a thing or two about keeping things running. As a former top Commercial Banker, Ryan uses his knowledge of business, finance, and credit, all while leveraging relationships, to identify and recommend solutions that best serve his clients. Ryan joined our team to help real estate investors like himself, create legacies through property ownership.

Ryan is a hard-working, woodworking problem-solver who lives for making our clients’ deals run like clockwork. Plus, he’s all-in on our obsessively local approach, even though he moonlights as a world traveler. The guy’s been to 25 countries and 45/63 of America’s National Parks, so “going the extra mile” is 100% his thing—both literally and figuratively.

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