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East Bay Trans & Queer Counseling
Sam Davis, LCSW #28231
gender specialist therapist
Sliding Scale Counseling for Trans, Queer, and
Gender-Nonconforming Teens and Adults
oakland trans therapy

oakland trans therapy

East Bay Trans & Queer Counseling offers sliding scale services that include:

  • Individual Therapy with multiple options: office located in Berkeley, remotely on video, and outdoor ecotherapy sessions walking in nature.
  • Support through gender exploration and transition
  • Recommendation letters for hormones and surgery
  • Professional trainings for mental health providers, students, and employers


Pieces by artist and activist Micah Bazant

Sam Davis is a nonbinary transgender Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing in working with trans, queer, gender-nonconforming, autistic, and other neurodivergent clients- though they are available to provide therapy to anyone. They have over 20 years of experience as a mental health provider in the East Bay, including peer support group facilitation, community education at LGBTQI conferences, and 15 years of clinical practice and crisis counseling with severely marginalized people for the County of Alameda. Sam has  specialized experience using IFS-type, somatic, DBT grounding, nature-based, and many other modalities for healing trauma. They have also published original research on the psychological aspects of medical transition.

Sam is a strong and committed advocate with a long history of organizing on behalf of marginalized people. Their approach is non-pathologizing and values those identities outside of “the norm”, whether cis or trans, autistic, plural, neurodivergent, queer or questioning, non-binary, agender, and/or asexual. They work from a humanist perspective, using empathy and kindness to recognize peoples’ strengths and support them in dealing with systemic societal oppression.

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Outdoor Nature Sessions

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My aim is to help empower clients to identify ways to develop a positive self-image, despite the negative media that surround us, and to create a new narrative of survival, self-love, and capability. We should not have to feel as though we are helpless victims, struggling under the burden of internalized shame about who we are. 

I work from a social justice framework, seeking to understand and validate the ways in which systemic societal oppression impacts each of us with our particular intersectional identities.


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