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Hello everyone, I am Super Psychic Daniel Burge, a psychic whom you can trust.

I am gifted with over 45 abilities, some of which have never been seen in any other psychic before. Not only am I able to communicate with departed human spirits, but I also have the unique ability to summon both human and animal spirits. These spirits can visit and interact with you in the form of air energy that I provide.

I am a master of all sounds, fields, and vibrations, and I do not see race, color, or sexuality. To me, all humans are equal and deserve love, abundance, and acceptance.

As we enter the Age of Aquarius, also known as the Age of the Dragon, I will continue to spread my message of unity and love until the entire world sees humanity as one. I am highly experienced in various forms of healing, readings, summoning, spirit health, sound therapy, metaphysical, energy healing, and many other gifts. My goal is to bring love, peace, and harmony to all.

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Tracy – 5 Stars – 25 May 2024

“I called Daniel for insight and was amazed on how detailed and in-depth his reading was. Although I didn’t call him for a Medium reading, he was able to not only bring in a message from my father, but to also SHARE PROOF that my father was there. He’s the real deal.”

Pat – 5 Stars – 11 May 2024

“My advice from sounds for souls I was able to increase my profit margin.”

Ry – 5 Stars – 4 May 2024

“Highly recommended! Daniel is a very passionate healer. In my brief experience I was truly amazed by his gifts. . He helped me with my back pain! 100/10!”

Kalani – 5 Stars – 3 May 2024

“Daniel is a very passionate healer. In my brief experience I was truly amazed by his gifts. 10/10 recommend.”

Tyler Ross – 5 Stars – 30 April 2024

“This guy rocks! He’s so good at everything he does and he’s totally invested in helping people! Definitely recommend he will not let you down!”

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